Digital Projects

ccAdvisor (Choice-Charleston Advisor),

As an independent consultant, I developed and managed a new review database, ccAdvisor, launched in fall 2017. 

A joint project from Choice (Association of College and Research Libraries) and The Charleston Advisor, ccAdvisor is an in-depth source of reviews of academic databases, websites, and tools for students, faculty, and librarians. This continuously updated, interactive service provides comprehensive, comparative, and peer-reviewed information on a wide range of digital resources in all subject areas.

Sharpe Online Reference

I conceptualized, implemented, and managed Sharpe Online Reference, an award-winning database covering U.S. and Global History and Culture, developed for M.E. Sharpe. Special features include 20,000 articles; thousands of images, video and audio clips; multimedia primary source archives; and teacher resources.

Awards for Sharpe Online Reference:


Library Journal

"This database has evolved considerably and now includes the content of 25 Sharpe print works ranging fromColonial America to Encyclopedia of World Trade and covers global, in addition to U.S., history and culture. Sharpe has also been busy making search, navigation, and interface improvements. New prices compare very favorably to those from 2009‚ kudos to M.E. Sharpe for holding them down while increasing valuable content. SOLR’s transdisciplinary content is its outstanding feature; the resource presents a broad overview as well as details on its subject matter, and it does so in an accessible yet sophisticated way. The Teacher’s Resources section is a welcome enhancement. Created for history teachers, it includes guidelines for evaluating websites, curricular information, and links to 100 vetted websites. A jewel for school, public, and undergraduate libraries." (LJ 10/1/11)

Encyclopedia of American Studies,

Originally developed by Grolier Academic Reference and the Association of American Studies (ASA), the Encyclopedia of American Studies was the first major reference covering all aspects of American Studies. The online encyclopedia is currently published by Johns Hopkins University Press for the ASA.